One Way Car Rentals in Tanzania and across East Africa

Book a car from Tanzania and drive through East Africa. Choose where to start your trip and end it. We deliver vehicles to clients at hotels, airports, or any location you would prefer. You will have all the necessary documents availed to you for the vehicle to cross the border and all this is included in the quotations. Make an East African round trip starting from any point you wish. Take a cross-country tour through Tanzania, Kenya Uganda, and Rwanda. With such a trip you will require to have a One-way self-drive trip. Because such trips require a lot of time, you will need to minimize the cost of the trip by choosing Camping with our 4×4 Land Cruisers coupled with basic accommodation. We provide all the basics of camping staying at designated campsites within the National parks

Tanzania – Safaris and Car Hire for Holidays

Drive through Tanzania. There are many locations in Tanzania where you may prefer to start your trip. Kilimanjaro’s area has an international airport located between Moshi and Arusha. Attractions here include Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru, and Arusha National Park. All these attractions prove that you can choose this location as your starting point. Arusha with an airport for local flights however attracts more travellers who wish to access the northern parts of Tanzania like Serengeti, Lake Manyara, and Tarangire National Parks. On the other hand, Dar es Salaam the biggest city in Tanzania holds the busiest airport. This also has major attractions such as beaches and wildlife parks like Sedaani. Mikumi National Park is a national park, the fourth-largest near Morogoro with an area of 3,230 km² established in 1964. Morogoro, and Selous, among others. Far in the south are Kitulo National Park, and Katavi National Park located in Katavi Region, a very remote park that is less frequently visited than another Tanzanian national park Mahale Mountains National Park on the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika in the Uvinza District of Kigoma Region, Tanzania.

What you expect with East African One-way Rentals

There are several experiences you will enjoy with your East African tour. Go Gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda, hike Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, or Bisoke in Rwanda. Wild water rafting on the River Nile or Primates tracking tours. All these can be a great experience on your single tour to East Africa on a one-way self-drive. Katavi National Park is a very remote park, less frequently visited than other parks. It is approximately 4,471 square kilometres in area making it the third-largest national park in Tanzania. The park encompasses the Katuma River, the seasonal Lake Katavi, and Lake Chada floodplains. Wildlife features large herds of Cape Buffaloes, zebras, giraffes, and elephants. A long Katuma river, crocodiles and hippos. Carnivorous animals that roam this park include cheetahs, wild dogs, hyenas, leopards, and lions. Every world traveler knows how the attitude of local people can influence the experience when one visits a new country. People in East Africa are friendly, open, and curious with a great sense of fun.

Kenya Safaris and Self-drive Holidays.

There are only a few places that are known for providing the extraordinary opportunity of viewing their wildlife in its natural habitat. Kenya is one of the few destinations and regions with dramatic contrasts as well as extraordinary wildlife on display. Their wildlife can be viewed in pristine landscapes and uncrowned scenery. A Kenya safari and tour is an excellent travel choice. These travel plans consist of lounging on beaches, adventure travels, sporting activities, along with special interests. With big game and large wilderness, Kenya has a history that attracts tourists from all over the world. These tours have unique geographical features with an amazing variety of different species. They offer each individual a chance to experience a natural landscape that has been unchanged by the passage of time. Kenyan wilderness has an endless array of ecosystems.

Taking a holiday to Uganda and wondering what to see.

Uganda safari. Uganda is the most fertile African safari destination with its soils so fertile that one could plant a walking stick overnight and it would acquire root before daybreak. Uganda is your number one destination in Africa for spotting a diversity of primate species as it hosts mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, and more than ten types of monkeys. And if primate fanatics are found wandering around with grins, Uganda’s birds have ornithologists doing cartwheels. There are more than 1,000 bird species recorded, meaning Uganda is no doubt the finest bird-watching destination in Africa. In Uganda’s leading national parks and game reserves, one is almost certain of encountering lions, leopards, elephants, and buffaloes. Visitors may either choose to climb the snow of the fabulous Mountains of the Moon; the famous Rwenzori mountains, enjoy the sight of the legendary tree-climbing lions of Ishasha, raft the wild waters of the mighty Nile, or visit the many national parks where the experience of seeing the animals from their natural habitats will be the highlight of your year. Uganda’s safari parks and game reserves are perfect for shrewd adventure seekers, eco-tourists, and holidaymakers. On a Uganda wildlife safari, you can spot a plethora of hippos, crocodiles, elephants, buffaloes, lions, leopards, giant forest hogs, the handsome Ugandan Kob, Sitatungas, Zebras among others plus several bird species.