Importance of a Driver for Safaris


Having a professional and well-trained driver in Rwanda is not only amazing but also keeps you safe and secure for the entire trip.

Then, for international tourism, most drivers are employed by tour companies or local tourism agencies, and they are mostly known as driver guides because they have to drive and at the same time guide tourists with information and interesting things which they see on the road. Guide drivers, also assist in planning itineraries and also know the parks, conservation, and other tourism areas of interest. He/she also provides driving services, is familiar with the area, has knowledge of the parks and other tourism facilities, and can provide information to tourists. They have never been convicted of a felony or a crime involving moral turpitude, and have not made any false statements or provided any false documentation. Furthermore, they have never had a professional or other type of license revoked in or from any other jurisdiction due to or related to the operation of a motor vehicle. Most importantly, they have completed the training requirements under standards set forth by the RDB and have a valid driver’s license.


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